This page is dedicated to all of the motion design work I have done for different departments of Tennessee Government, and other projects. It includes mostly videos related to COVID-19 and best practices, along with HYPE videos, interviews and other projects. These projects were done through contract work with Designsensory here in Knoxville, TN. 
This is one of the most recent projects I did. Designsensory was entering multiple projects to the 2021 Addy's Awards, and asked me to create a short animated video that showcased the COVID-19 website they created for the state of Tennessee. This video had a one day turn around and involved me matching up animation to the voice over. I had stylistic freedom, just making sure that the look and feel of the video matched up with past animation projects. This project also showcases the COVID phase survey I designed at the end.  
This video was one of my first projects I took on, and was done alongside Ben Maxey at Designsensory. We essentially split the video in half as far as who did what. The files were transferred over to me including the After Effects project, and I was tasked with adding more information from the script by animating in the same style that Ben had already established. This video was also cut into a 30 second and 15 second version.
This second video was one of my more lengthy ones. I was given an edit of video footage showing of Tennessee's best accomplishments and had to add tracked text. Multiple versions of the video was done due to having a difficult client, and after many hours I passed the project onto another designer. This was the last edit I made and probably the best one, but the client wanted something different.

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